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Understanding How a Child with Autism Can Benefit from Equine Therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is one of the most gripping spectrums spread across the world, impossible to generalize or cure. However, there are several therapies that have proven its worth to pacify the intense effects of the spectrum. One such therapy is equine therapy, which has produced significant improvement during the treatment of children with autism. Are you unaware of how a child with autism can benefit from equine therapy? Through this article, we will understand the therapy and the benefits offered by it to deplete the intensity of the symptoms.

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is synonymous with horse therapy that helps establish an emotional and healing bond between the children and animal. Animals have proven to be the best companion of the human through ages and the researchers have identified a way to use this bond to target the primary reasons for concern.

What is the Motto of Equine Therapy?

The dynamic characteristics of a horse help radiate the sensory, motor, and emotional sensation to the children riding it. This gesture helps create an unmatched bond between the animal and children, leading to a healing effect.

In fact, the speech, occupational, and physical therapists use the splendid outcomes of this therapy so the children with autism can enjoy the benefits.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Children with autism encounter with challenges to connect with their peers and relatives. In fact, they find difficult to communicate the accurate emotions and establish an eye contact. Hence, the horse riding acts as a boon to the kids who do not depict even the simple emotions. Let us have a look at the benefits offered by this therapy:

Development of cognitive skills– Unlike the other kids, autism restricts the ability of the kids to understand the instructions related to directions. Through this therapy, they get over the challenge adventurously, imposing no pressure on them.

  • Creates an emotional bond– Brushing, patting, hugging, talking, and an emotional attachment with the animals helps develop an invisible attachment in the kids. With time, the children develop a successful emotional bond with others, which is otherwise difficult to establish.

  • Boosts sensory receptivity- The vestibular sense organs regulate the spatial orientation and balance. Speed and direction change from the horse riding stimulates these organs, producing satisfactory outcomes. This enhances the engagement and motivates them to depict better reactions to their surroundings.

Is Equine Therapy Apt for your Child?

Autism is one such spectrum that demands acute attention and supervision of your children. Therefore, it is important to understand his emotional quotient before loading him with a series of therapies. However, equine therapy is one such therapy that offers your child a happy mind by developing the core skills, which is crucial to dwelling in a society. Also, you may connect with Consultants for Children Inc that has expert BCBA certified professionals to offer your child with the best therapies. Also, it offers you the scope to excel your career as a behavior analyst if you are BCBA certified.

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