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What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is an individualized,
culturally-responsive process that’s
used to coordinate care and build
self-efficacy for families with very
complex needs. This approach
addresses the family’s prioritized
needs, meets all system mandates,
and coordinates all the family’s
services in one plan.

The Wraparound Team


A person who maintains a neutral position
and bring together the family, agencies, and
the natural and informal supports in the
family’s life.


May include representatives from agencies
or school districts as well as mental and
physical health providers. It’s likely that one
of these individuals made the original
referral to Wraparound. Professionals
commit to:
• Embracing and participating fully in the
team process
• Representing the requirements of your
agency and serve the family
• Ensuring that all planning is integrated
with the Wraparound process

Natural Supports:

Individuals who are either already a part of
the family’s circle or they are part of the
family’s community and they become
involved in the family’s life because of
Wraparound. Natural supports commit to:
• Helping build the family’s sustainability in
the community
• Playing an increasingly prominent role in
the family’s Wraparound plan
• By transition, being involved in at least half
of the strategies in the plan

Happy Family
Children Learning

Wraparound Team Responsibilities


~Be non-judgmental and maintain a
strengths-based perspective:
with an open mind and don’t react
negatively to feelings or beliefs.

~Look beyond a family member or
youth’s behavior and consider their
past trauma, emotions, challenges, and
deeper struggles:
Many families are
impacted by cultural stress or cultural

~Support the family to access
individualized, culturally responsive
Be aware of your own values and
beliefs and don’t let them negatively
influence your relationship with the

~Complete and be accountable for
action Items:
Integrate any planning with
the Wraparound process and follow-up
with your facilitator if you miss a meeting.

A waiver is an extra set of Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) benefits that you could qualify for in certain cases. These benefits can help you remain in your home and community. Waivers have extra program rules and some programs may have waitlists.


The Children’s Habilitation Residential Program (CHRP) Waiver provides services for children and youth who have an intellectual or developmental disability and very high needs. Their needs for support put them at risk of, or in need of, out of home placement. Waiver services help children and youth learn and maintain skills needed to live in their communities.

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