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Kids in Daycare

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“I joined the Consultants for Children, Inc. administrative team after graduating from college in the midst of the pandemic. I couldn’t have found a more compassionate and integrated team of people. Even though I joined the team in a remote environment, I feel that I have developed a real connection to my co-workers. As we work toward the same goal of always improving our clients’ experience, I’ve been continually impressed by the integrity, communication, and selflessness of the team! I always feel like a face and not a number; I’m loving working for CFCI!”


-Grace B.

“Consultants for Children, is an incredible company, with a focus on staying client-centered while also respecting and valuing their staff!”

-Nani A.

“Consultants for Children is a unique organization in that it integrates treatment in home, in the community and with social groups using strategies from both mental health and Applied Behavior Analysis in a way that treats the whole client and family unit.”

-Terrie J.

“I loved working here. They care about all of their clients and employees. They are always trying to find out ways to get more kids and young adults the help they need. They are always willing to work with parents to find the best solution to their family’s needs.”

-Cami J.

“This is an amazing company!  The staff truly puts the clients first.  They offer a variety of different services including a summer club, mental health, ABA therapy, parents’ night out, in the home, clinic and school!”

-Kara S.

“Consultants for Children, Inc. is a therapeutic company down to it’s practice and guiding principles. They provide great benefits to employees including health insurance and access to a wealth of other benefits such as mental health, legal, and financial. They support employee growth and encourage continuing education. They know that each employee brings a story with them and they remember and value each team member, wherever they may be in the state of Colorado.”

-Anonymous (Glassdoor)

“What an amazing place to work! I love the variety in locations to provide for communities around Colorado.”

-Jordan B.

“Consultants for Children provides the best services for kids needing social skill development.  Kids anywhere on the spectrum blossom in their care.  My own kids learned, grew, and had tons of fun in summer camp.  Their grandparents and other family members have noticed the improvements in my kids’ coping skills.  We look forward to our future work and growth with CFCI.”

-Kerry M.

“CFCI is a fantastic place to work. The environment is supportive and motivating. Our highly qualified therapeutic staff provide services to kiddos anywhere on the spectrum. It’s amazing to see the things our clients can accomplish with the proper therapy.”

-Amy H.

“I relocated to Colorado from NY 3 years ago and wanted to continue my career as a BCBA. After interviewing with several companies, I chose to come on board with CFCI. This company has an amazing, dedicated team of professionals who go above and beyond for both the staff and families they serve. Could not have made a better choice for continuing my career in applied behavior analysis!”

-Anne D.
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